Ames Woodworkers Club

“Just Plane Fun”

Club services

AWC TOOL LOAN PROGRAM -  Club-owned tools are available for loan; contact Jim Gunning (Phone: 515-292-8412, e-mail: to arrange a loan.  Tools available for loan:

· Table saw alignment system:  Master Plate, A-Line-It dial gauge and miter track mount,        alignment video

· Jointer blade setting jig (for high speed steel knives, jointers 4” to 8”)

· Delmhorst J-Lite Wood Moisture meter

· Wizard Wand-style metal Detector

· Pen Disassembly Tools

· Blum Hinge Boring Jig

VIDEO TAPE / DVD LIBRARY:  The Club has a fairly diverse collection of video tapes and a few DVD’s on various woodworking techniques and projects that may be borrowed for free.  Tapes may be borrowed by club members at each meeting.  Please return borrowed tapes promptly at the next meeting so that others may have access to them.  Call Charles Smith (515-232-1532) to arrange pickup or drop-off if you can’t attend a meeting when the tape is due.

The following local woodworking-related businesses that have extended AWC members a 10% discount (unless noted) on purchases (excluding power tools):


Hutcheson Lumber & Millwork - 2169 180th St, Marshalltown;  641-753-4144 or 641-         751-8125

     Kel-Welco Tools – 1631  2nd Avenue – Des Moines; 515-243-6969, 1-800-798-6969

     AcmeTools and Fasteners - 629 SW 9th St.,  Des Moines; 515-244-4189.

     The Woodsmith Store - 10320 Hickman Road, Clive, 515-254-9494.

     Wolfe Machinery – 6300 NW Beaver Drive, Johnston, 515-270-2766 (10% equipment,              25% tooling)

     Woodhaven - 501 W. 1st Ave., Durant, IA 52747,  1-800-344-6657 (10% disc. on items              they make)

OHARCO Distributing – 5685 NE 16th St., Des Moines – 515-266-3395, (various discounts on            products)

     Sherwin-Williams, Co. - 1624 South Duff Ave, Ames - 515-232-2124 (20% discount on              non-sale items; 5% sale)